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La Verne has a new Pappa in town

After a change of ownership in July, new hours, and a new menu helmed by Executive Chef Arthur Siler III, Pappas Artisanal is ready to dominate D Street.

Dessert bar makes late night debut

Not every restaurant in Claremont perfects their dessert’s appearance with a blowtorch. But Grizzby’s Biscuits and Donuts does.

Pappas back on ‘A’ list

Pappas Artisanal restaurant on D Street has regained its “A” rating from the Los Angeles County Environ­mental Health department, after a temporary closure for violations last month.

Student voices lifted at poetry open mic night

The Black Student Union and members of the Spoken Word poetry team hosted the “Lift Every Voice” open mic night Feb. 3 at Pappas Artisanal in downtown La Verne.

Initiatives, candidates should be studied

With elections just around the corner (Nov. 3), it is necessary for the University of La Verne community to be well-informed of propositions and candidates that will ultimately influence and structure laws and society.

Voters determine fate of country

Voting should not be viewed as a burden, nor as something that we do to "follow our parents." It should be taken seriously, on an individual basis, with personal opinion, and with pride. After all, it is our right and privilege as a democratic nation to practice freedom and to help make the decisions of determining exactly who is in control.

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