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Companies should notify people of ingredients

One may assume that the simple decision of whether or not to use vegetable oil or beef fat when frying fries could make no difference in the world. Wrong according to the Associated Press, Haris Bharti who filed a class action suit against fast food chain McDonald's claiming they have "secretly" laced their fries with beef fat and beef flavoring.

No crying over spilled coffee

People get away with millions of things everyday. But when it comes to the legal system there has got to be some boundaries with how far people can go. There are too many people trying to capitalize off of the legal system.

Man robbed of dignity

As a child, I remember jumping and poking my head out the car window looking for the two golden arches as we drove down the freeway. Once we spotted them my sister and I chanted “McDonald’s, McDonald’s” until my dad pulled off the freeway.

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