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Dead celebrities kill media credibility

Steve Jobs drove a Mercedes without any license plates and was never ticketed for it. Steve Jobs was a supposed deadbeat dad. Steve Jobs died at such an early age of 56.

Media should slow down

Since the invention of the Internet, the rate at which the media churns out news has been increasing at an extremely rapid pace. In the early years people could get news briefs on their home page when they logged into their AOL or Yahoo! account.

Media coverage of candidates is splitting parties

Today’s media coverage of the 2008 presidential candidates is splitting parties and confusing voters.

Playing favorites based on beauty

Everyone knows that strangers treat beautiful people better than they do average looking people. We’ve seen it on several hidden camera television shows and some of us have even experienced it.

I want my Tagesschau

Someone help me, I got dumb! Not because of finals stress or because of lacking education at our university.

Commentary: Mass media trades principles for access

As B-52's litter Iraqi deserts and cities with millions of leaflets in ongoing psychological operations, the mainstream news media has become little more than 24-hour "psych-ops" on the American public.

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