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Carniverne was poorly planned

The second Carniverne attracted many students that left disappointed April 19 at Campus West. The carnival event, stocked with free food trucks and games, was poorly planned. Supplies were limited and underestimated. The Campus Activities Board ran out of cards to be attached to lanyards, given to students upon entry to tally which food ticket lines they entered.

Sigma Gamma Rho steps into ULV

The latest members of the first traditionally African American sorority at the University of La Verne, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., stepped onto the University of La Verne Greek life scene Thursday night in Sneaky Park.

Event inspires cultural awareness

From the pungent aroma of Filipino pancit to the rich taste of French cannolis, a variety of ethnic cuisines excited the taste buds of those who attended the Campus Activities Board’s Art Around the World event April 28.

BSU discusses ‘Good Hair,’ cultural identity

With the use of chemical relaxers, African American women sometimes go to dangerous lengths to straighten their hair instead of rocking their natural curls.

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