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Never have two groups of people been so compelled to offer their unsolicited opinions and advice to absolute strangers as in the case of the non-smoker to the smoker, and the Godly to the un-Godly.

Family brings strength

I can count my relatives on the fingers of my two hands. When the holidays come around, we generally all sit around the same dining room table, no need for a leaf. Possibly, we pull out the TV trays and gather in the living room to eat and watch a movie. We are few, and the absence of any one of us is deeply felt.

Dying with dignity

Assisted death should not be about legality and lifted bans, or majority and dissenting opinions.

Greed, not success

Cutting back, laying off and downsizing are no longer the wave of the future. Rather, the wave is now upon us and many are drowning. Gone are the days of job security and income stability for millions of people nationwide.

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