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Students destined to be in debt

Bills. Bills. Bills. It seems that the only thing I get in my mailbox these days is greedy little "give-me-your-last-nickel-or-suffer-years-of-bad-credit" letters that are slowly sucking away my life. And my money, nickel by nickel, stamp by stamp.

Gun, ammunition sale ban draws differences

How does the County's ban affect both a person's First Amendment right of free expression and assemblance and his Second Amendment right of bearing arms? Not to mention, the nature of our system of free enterprise?

Serenity Prayer offers words by which to live

One of life's toughest lessons, letting go and learning to accept change, has been one that I have been forced to deal with and has been a constant battle.

‘Inventing the Abbotts’

Ever considered leading a double life? Ever wanted to live a life that was not your own but was fun to try on for size? I have and I have done it for the last week and a half.

Oaks incident changes feelings of safety

After a long night of dancing at the Boogie, my friends and I are only concerned with getting home, washing off our make-up and climbing into bed.

Letter to the Editor

I truly enjoyed reading your editorial in the Campus Times ("Shopping frenzy diminishes true spirit," Dec. 4). I have to say that I do agree with many things that you brought up in your article.

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