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Yehia Mortagy discusses recovery for Egypt

Egypt’s current situation may not have been foreseen by many, but Yehia Mortagy, who shared his knowledge in his lecture, “Egypt: Recent, Present, and Road to the Future,” feels the recent events have been building up for an extended period of time.

Reed links archaeology, media

The media tends to portray the Middle East’s archeology negative, said Jonathan Reed, professor of religion at the University of La Verne, in his presentation at the Duke Archeology, Politics and the Media Conference at Duke University last month.

Cook lectures on religion in politics

With the upcoming presidential election and the newfound need for candidates to label their religious views, Bill Cook, professor of English, held a lecture titled, “Blinded by Belief: Faith vs. Freedom.”

The choice of a new generation

I would like to settle something. For the record, once and for all. I do not work for the CIA, nor am I an NSA spook. Wherever I travel some people either openly accuse or quietly imply this of me. I just happen to speak some Arabic and think hanging out in places like Afghanistan or Pakistan is “fun.”

Former ambassador to Iraq talks diplomacy

Former Iraqi Ambassador Edward Peck introduced "Peck's Postulates," his guide to foreign relations to University of La Verne students and faculty Oct. 2 in La Fetra Lecture Hall.

Bush’s new peace plan

President George W. Bush should be congratulated for finally unveiling the long-delayed road map for peace in the Middle East, which would establish a Palestinian state and end 31 months of violence.

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