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Football anniversary video receives award

The University of La Verne's television department was honored this past weekend at the Broadcast Education Association conference which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Flashback 1977/1997: KULV took to the airwaves

When you are driving down the street, listening to your favorite radio station, do you ever stop to wonder how it first began? The ideal thought is that somebody with a lot of money and great ideas bought all the equipment, built the station and from there it was a success.

Day offers view of Communications

Today, the University of La Verne Communications Department presents its sixth annual Communications Day. This is the day for high school and community college students who are interested in the communications field to see the campus, and experience how everything works in the field.

Modern Rock featured on KULV “The Rock”

People who enjoy listening to the sounds of No Doubt, Foo Fighters or Alanis Morissette will be able to listen to them more while on campus now that the University of La Verne's radio station, "The Rock" 550 KULV, has modified its format from top 40 to modern rock.

Alekel finds inspiration at KULV

Sounds. Studios. Radio. Production. Guitars. The University of La Verne. The Allman Brothers. Music. These words all describe senior Andrew Alekel, program director of 550 KULV.

Research, requests make playlist

Have you ever wondered where the top hits on KULV radio come from? According to senior Andrew Alekel, KULV program director, they come from the students.

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