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Local holiday outings that won’t break your budget

The holiday season is here, though coming up with something to do with your loved ones can be difficult with all the choices and expenses that accompany the season of giving. Here is a list of affordable and enjoyable Christmas outing ideas for a family, a date night or a solo jaunt.

Students weigh in on best joe in town

Coffee is a savior for many college students searching for a source of energy or a pick me up to get through the day.

Leos indulge in 4 a.m. donut runs

Downtown La Verne at 4 a.m. is dark, quiet and lifeless– until you approach Miss Donuts and Bagel. The smell of baking dough covered in sweet frosting wafts down the silent street, and the ones there to enjoy it are students who heard about the magic of the place, when the rest of the city is asleep.

La Verne community honors Sela Hem at vigil

La Verne community members gathered Wednesday night in Mainiero Square for a vigil to remember Sela Hem, known and well-loved as the “Miss Donuts employee,” who died in a traffic accident Nov. 17.

Students struggle to eat right on a budget

Depending on your budget, dining at a full-service restaurant vs. a fast food chain may not be an option.

LV celebrates Halloween

Fairies, ninjas, monsters and Disney characters directed their bouncy footsteps toward Old Town La Verne shops on Halloween afternoon and traded three words for their treasured candy.

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