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Faculty concerned about lack of urgency to fill open positions

Faculty in programs across the University have raised concerns about the dramatic loss of full-time faculty, the University’s failure to retain many of its full-time faculty, and the slow pace and procedure for replacing faculty who have left. 

University receives grant to improve STEM educational experience

The University of La Verne is part of a national educational study to create a better community for students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

Club brings chemistry fun for ULV students

ULV's Chemistry Club emphasizes the significance of chemistry and its impact on our daily lives through virtual games, informational sessions, and engaging events amid the pandemic.

Lecture digs into evolution of DNA

Roughly 40 students and faculty gathered in the President’s Dining Room for Tuesday’s faculty lecture, “Bioinformatics for Fun, for History, and Everything else,” by Tatiana Tatarinova, professor of computational biology, and one of two new Fletcher Jones endowed chairs in the department.

LV faculty researching safer cancer treatment

Professors from the natural sciences presented “Faraday Rotation of Magnetic Nanoparticles” Tuesday in the President’s Dinning Room.

Students show off science projects

Chemistry and biology student projects were showcased at the Natural Science Division Senior Symposium on Wednesday in the Campus Center.

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