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La Verne offers weekend fun

So many things to do, to see, to try, but so little time. Students are probably wondering what is there to do, at such a small school and community. Although the University of La Verne is not surrounded by franchises, it is fortunate to have small, Mom and Pop businesses and restaurants that have a sociable ambiance.

ULV student sentenced to 60 days, probation

Sophomore David Riffle was sentenced yesterday in Pomona Superior Court for the attack on senior Jamie Bigornia.

Verdict reached in Bigornia case

Sophomore David Riffle was convicted and sophomore Eric Britton was acquitted yesterday at 2:30 p.m. on two misdemeanor counts stemming from a 1996 attack on senior Jamie Bigornia.

Policy ignored

Blame the lack of training in diversity issues. Blame the ignorance. Whatever you choose to fault for the recent anti-homosexual attitudes on campus, there is one source of blame that has gone unrecognized—the University of La Verne administration.

Flier disregards student rights

Regardless of whether freshmen Eric Britton and David Riffle are guilty of gay bashing following an altercation with junior Jamie Bigornia on March 29, the anonymous fliers distributed to student mailboxes last Thursday were not only uncalled for, but an action that has converted this incident from a possible learning experience to an occurrence that has caused many to choose a side.

Anonymous flier targets ULV students

More than 1,000 pieces of United States mail defaming two University of La Verne students were distributed to student mail boxes yesterday. The sealed envelopes were addressed University students via box number and carried anonymous fliers displaying the pictures of two freshmen.

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