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Campus and community arts events for the week of Oct. 13, 2006.

CoffeeBerry showcases ULV alumni musicians

University of La Verne alumni Chris Arbizu and Obren Milanovic kicked off the first musical show performed at CoffeeBerry on D Street Friday night.

Satire plays on ‘police’ corruption

It was a doozie. From the moment the house lights dimmed and the Cabaret became a blue abyss, the characters gave the audience their first dose of comical toxins with a dance entrance that surpassed that of Roger Rabbit.

‘The Police’ captures modern issues

Utopia: state of ideal perfection. So it is defined. But what happens to authority when they have no one to enforce the rules upon? It's called "The Police."

Play portrays the struggles of ‘youth’

Beginning last Thursday "This is Our Youth" erupted from the wings of Dailey Theater's Main Stage.

Entertainment Briefs

Campus arts events for the week of April 5, 2002.

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