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Repair process keeps Maintenance busy

Many students living on-campus have had complaints about the Operations and Maintenance Department and the way it does its job. But, as the saying goes, "Have you ever walked a day in my shoes?"

Asbestos removed from Brandt Hall

In an effort to improve the conditions in Brandt Hall, the University of La Verne spent nearly $50,000 this summer removing the floor tiles and asbestos insulation and installing new carpet, door stops and base boards.

Maintenance issues plague ULV

A completed maintenance request in residence halls should result in action within three to four working days. “A general rule of thumb for non-emergency would be three days,” said Jana Ducret, administrative assistant in the Operations Department.

Emergency evacuation drill shakes La Verne

It was not the Big One that interrupted operations across the University of La Verne campus, but an evacuation drill that hit Tuesday at 2 p.m., which caused the campus to shut down in order to run the mock drill.

LVFD responds to fire scare in print shop

The La Verne Fire Department (LVFD) received an alarm at 5:02 Wednesday evening to respond to a possible fire on the corner of First and D Streets, the site of the ULV Art Building.

Safety Committee inspects campus for hazards

Students, staff and faculty at the University of La Verne have a place to turn when they notice misplaced extension cords, broken glass and wobbly chairs.

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