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New structure to improve parking

The new parking structure, to be built on campus starting in October, has some surprises that will benefit students and the University.

Parking structure levels academics

A multi-million dollar investment will soon become a reality this fall on the University of La Verne campus — an investment that supporters say will present a concrete solution to a longtime problem that faces not only our institution but the city of La Verne as well.

Parking structure will open in 2016

The building of a multi-leveled multi-million dollar parking structure was recently bumped to the top of the list for the Campus Master Plan.

Parking is city’s priority

The University’s recent Master Plan has come under much scrutiny, deservedly so. It is a plan that will rely heavily on essential resources and should not be taken lightly.

Master plan debated

The La Verne that its longtime residents grew up in may not look the same in the near future.

A $21 million shopping list

You folks may or may not care, but we here at the Campus Times have been complaining for years that the University of La Verne could put a lot more effort into fundraising than it traditionally has.

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