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ULV Security gets ticketing duties

As of May 1, the University of La Verne's Campus Safety staff members will be issuing citations to all vehicles with parking violations.

LVPD defers tickets to ULV

Any resident of the city of La Verne can tell you that La Verne is a relatively safe area and a small town. Aside from the plethora of duties involved in being a police officer in this city, writing parking tickets is perhaps one of the responsibilities that keeps a La Verne police officer most busy throughout his or her day.

Going mad about parking

I stopped driving to class from the Oaks this year when my commuter friends threatened to slash my tires if they ever spotted my car in a ULV parking lot.

Parking dangers

Senior Connie Troesh went to her car between classes to retrieve her notebook to find a smashed rear window.

Rideshare available to students, staff

Bicycling, walking, carpooling and vanpooling are all ways for University of La Verne's employees and students to participate in the Rideshare Program.

2-hour parking mandated

Completing a swap of parking spaces with the City of La Verne, freshly painted green curbs limiting parking to two hours were installed in the Wilson Library parking lot last week.

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