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Limited parking hurts community

Most commuter students at the University of La Verne are familiar with the scenario of waking up early, getting ready for school quickly and leaving at a reasonable time, only to arrive late to class because they have circled the University for precious minutes searching for a parking space.

Land parcel to become parking lot

Plans for a new parking lot are in the works with construction scheduled to begin as soon as possible on the semi-donated plot of land between the AAIC and the Oaks.

Ticket hysteria

How many people have accidentally rolled a little too confidently past the La Verne Police station after noon, neglected to park their car in a space on campus with all four tires completely within the two solid lines, or even worse, left their car parked outside on one of La Verne’s quiet, shady streets after 2 a.m.?

Commuters denied parking by Oaks’ residents

Parking at the University of La Verne, or lack thereof, continues to be an annoying problem for commuter students and faculty who seek parking on campus everyday.

Sneaky parking prohibited

Students who park in Sneaky Park will need to find another place in the future or risk being towed.

Maintenance raises money for Art Institute

While most students were taking a break between January Interterm and the Spring Semester, the Maintenance Department utilized University property to sell parking for the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Winter Nation­als on Feb. 3-5.

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