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Precautions taken for construction site

The University of La Verne community may have to deal with a parking problem this year, due in part to the current Wilson Library construction, but as far as feeling unsafe around the site, there is no need to fear.

Parking violators face ticketing

The lack of parking at La Verne has drawn some audible whines and complaints from students this semester. And none too few have also been given tickets issued consistently by the La Verne Police Department, as well.

‘Cast-offs’ provide resources

The corner of First and “D” streets houses the remains of some the University’s old pieces of buildings, office equipment and other facilities junk. The accumulation of this junk has been an eye-sore for the University since Facilities Management moved what it calls its “yard” to its present day location.

Expansion plans discussed

A committee is constructing a new master plan that will change and improve the physical aspects of ULV.

Parking squeeze hits ULV

Parking at the University of La Verne has again been brought to question as some students fear that the current con­struction of the new library may block spaces on the corner of C and Second street, as well as those in the Wilson Library parking lot.

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