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Students rally for cancer research

Jon Sweat, senior adjunct instructor, discussed the importance of love and respect as he revealed that he has three types of cancer: polycythemia, skin cancer and leukemia.

Non-profits pocket donations

After any natural disaster Americans look to do their part in donating to relief funds. But how much of our money donated goes directly to relief? A sad fact is that research is needed before donating.

Alumna devotes her time to disaster relief

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, La Verne alumnus Charlene Marie King brought hope to the Gulf Coast by volunteering her time and rebuilding houses that had been destroyed. To this day, she continues to volunteer in areas that have been affected by natural disasters.

Lau finds unique way to give back

When most people leave work they look forward to going home and relaxing, but not in the case of Melissa Lau.

Community joins to help the needy

The Interfaith Student Council held a day of service event with the Grow Better Together campaign on Saturday. It was a volunteer day dedicated to planting and cleaning community gardens. There was also a canned food and toy drive.

Gift bags for the elderly

Brianne Ray and Janet Romero, members of Psi Chi, met their fellow members Tuesday to put together Halloween goodie bags as part of their philanthropy event for the month of October.

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