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Professor considers ‘Faith of Emerson’

Dan Campana, professor of philosophy and religion, discussed his book “The Faith of Emerson,” which is about Ralph Waldo Emerson’s views of faith and American individualism, on April 11 in the Quay Davis Executive Board Room before an audience of about 20.

Lecture encourages finding beauty in life

Elaine Padilla, associate professor of philosophy, religion and Latinx studies, discussed diving into the subconscious mind through art and nature during  her lecture “Nature’s Unconscious and the Art of Becoming Human.”

Lecture focuses on sustainable solutions

In honor of Earth Day, Renee Comly, president and CEO of Biomass Energy Systems, Inc., spoke about creating local sustainability by developing strategies to eliminate contaminants that harm communities across the globe.  

Rose focuses on interfaith dialogue

Professor of Philosophy and Religion Richard Rose reads from his recently published book “An Interreligious Approach to a Social Ethic for Christian Audiences,” published by Christian World Imprints.

Rose examines religious connections

Eighteen students and faculty members gathered Tuesday in the President’s Dining Room “Seven Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer,” a talk by Professor of Philosophy and Religion Richard Rose.

Lecture challenges New Testament legitimacy

Bart Ehman, a distinguished professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina delivers his lecture, “Is the New Testament Forged? The Surprising Claims of Biblical Scholars.”

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