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Photo exhibit reveals dark history

The photography department held a walk-through at the Irene Carlson Gallery, to show guests the current photo exhibit “If you can read the ocean you will never be lost” by Associate Professor of Photography Shannon Benine.


Campus and community art events for the week of Nov. 19, 2021.

Photography exposes the truths of war and loss

Shannon Benine, professor of photography at the University of La Verne, shed light on the state of war in our country through photographs she captured during the faculty lecture Tuesday in the Quay Davis Executive Board Room.

Guest photographer documents history of Manifest Destiny

Landscape photographer Julie Shafer recontextualized American westward expansion through an environmental lens for the last entry in the Carlson Gallery of Photography’s artist conversation speaker series of the academic year. The gallery hosted Shafer’s exhibition, “Parting of the Ways,” May 6 via Zoom, and saw over 40 students in attendance.

Photography department welcomes guest speaker

American art theorist and author Amelia Jones joined the Female Frame photography class Monday to discuss her book “Seeing Differently.”

Freelance photographer shares his experiences with photo students

Javier Alvarez, freelance photographer from Brooklyn, shares various photos taken throughout his career with University of La Verne’s photography students

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