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Movie Review: ‘Turning Red’ depicts an honest and relatable coming-of-age story

Pixar Animation Studios’ newest release “Turning Red” is a refreshing take on Asian representation and the perfect visual love letter to preteens and teenage girls everywhere, including my 13-year-old self.

Disney’s support of Florida anti-gay bill contradicts their Pride

Despite Disney’s apparent support for the LGBTQ community with Pride merch sold at their parks, Disney CEO Bob Chapek was found to be donating to the supporters of Florida’s anti-gay House Bill 1557, known as the “Parental Rights in Education.”

Movie Review: Having a ‘Monster’ of a good time

The folks at Disney have done it again. And they should be proud. Their newest flick, "Monsters, Inc.," produced in association with Pixar, the 3-D animation group best known for its work on "Toy Story," is a winner.

Movie Review: ‘Bug’s Life’ creates humor

It is the retold tale of the ugly duckling -- the unwanted, misunderstood outsider who does not quite "fit in."

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