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Debating the issues

The faculty of the history and political science department hosted a Zoom watch party for the last presidential debate Oct. 22.

Wildfires are just one symptom of worsening climate crisis

Since the start of August, over one million acres of precious land in California has been burned to ashes due to the wildfires. Scientists have noted that California has recently had some of the hottest temperatures recorded in human history and that is due to climate change, which has also been one of the main factors in the amount of damage the fires have caused. Time is running out for our planet, and the need for change is now.

Voting needs to be guaranteed for all

The ability to vote by mail, which has long been a feature of California elections, has become needed nationwide more than ever during this time of social distancing. However, numerous states have not fully implemented this process, causing many voters to be left facing a decision between their right to vote and risking their health. 

La Verne faculty weigh in on presidential primary

Paul Steinberg, associate professor of political science and environmental policy at Harvey Mudd College, discussed two business models he developed over the course of his career that can help students increase the societal impact of their ideas Wednesday in the Quay Davis Executive Board Room.

Majority of ULV students say felons should vote

A majority of University of La Verne students believe that convicted felons should be able to vote – at least according to an informal survey on campus earlier this month.

Voting: Your right & responsibility

Voting is the fundamental right of every U.S. citizen. It allows the people to come together and elect leaders through the democratic process.

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