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Trans inmates’ identities are legally required to be recognized under new state law

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is now legally required to recognize the needs and identities of transgender prisoners under a new state law took effect Jan. 1.

Commentary: My grandfather’s homecoming united my family

Growing up, I spent my entire life knowing only one of my grandparents from both sides of my family. My grandmother, Wanda, is the best grandmother I could ever ask for as she has taken care of me like she was my mother. But a part of me always wanted to know more. This year has been full of surprises, and luckily I had the pleasure of meeting my grandfather for the first time ever.

Movie shows fault in criminal system

“The Honest Struggle” captures a raw portrait of a man facing the prison industrial complex and the struggles of integrating back into society. 

Mental health enables inmates’ reform

Last week, Rep. Joseph Crowley, D-New York, introduced the Kalief Browder Re-entry Success Act.

Private prisons prioritize profits

The Trump administration has reversed an Obama-era executive order that gradually diminished the use of private prisons for federal inmates, a decision that reflects more heavily on Trump’s connections with the private prison industry than it does on Trump’s concern for the country’s well-being.

Prison strike deserves attention

On Sept. 9, many federal and state prisons and county jails became the grounds for the largest inmate strike in U.S. history. The strike was a mass refusal, by inmates across 24 states, to continue to be forced into free labor by the prison system. Small protests in support of the prison strike called the forced labor of inmates a form of modern slavery.

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