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Sex Workers: Stepping Out of the Shadows: Pomona’s open secret: Prostitution unveiled

Pomona is known for a lot, such as its eclectic art galleries, moshing punk shows and multicultural cuisines. It is also known for the fishnets and stilettos that catch the eyes of most when driving down Holt Avenue also known as “The Blade.”

Politicians need to think before acting

On Feb. 9 Rep. Chris Lee (R-New York) resigned his position in the House of Representatives because he was caught interacting on Craigslist in an unbecoming way. In March of 2008 Eliot Spitzer resigned his position as governor of New York for paying for sex. In 2007 Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana resigned after he was linked to a prostitution ring.

Letter to the Editor

Regarding a recent column written by one of your editors, if prostitution is so wonderful, why is it that Korean women used by Japanese soldiers are now asking for reparations from the Japanese government to compensate for the psychological damage caused them?

Letters to the Editor

In response to “Economic Solutions,” my first question is whether this is the writer’s true opinion or if it is an immature attempt to get a reader reaction.

Economic solutions

The state of Nevada has an interesting way of solving some of its economic problems. Nevada is the only state where the sale of prostitution helps out the financial economy of the state.

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