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Symphony debuts local compositions

The La Verne Symphony Orchestra highlighted local musicians and performed a member’s debut arrangement last Sunday in Morgan Auditorium.

La Verne orchestra debuts ‘The Marriage’

The La Verne Symphony Orchestra took an audience of more than 100 people through the ages with musicians of varying skill levels.

Latin history inspires music

Latin American history and harmonies of string instruments echoed the halls of Balch Auditorium at noon on Friday at Scripps College.

Bird songs take audience on flight

Classical and contemporary songs about birds, titled “Bird Songs – Flights of Avian Fancy” were sung with glee at noon last Friday at Scripps College.

Songs remember lost ones

As barbershop quartet Make No Mention swiftly unbuttoned their black dress shirts, member Emmanuel Lagumbay accidentally dropped his pants, resulting in hoots and hollers from the audience at the Songs of Remembrance concert Sunday.

Mei Duo honors Boston composer

The sweet sound of the violin accompanied by the piano came together as the Mei Duo performed their rendition of Amy Beach's work at Scripps College last Friday.

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