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Healing comes from all cultures

I am a 21-year old, Italian female, but I am categorized as white on my college transcripts, just as everyone whose ancestors originate from some part of Europe.

La Verne: the good, bad, ugly

Around here, the little things count. La Verne is a unique little town. I say little town because the population is only roughly 32,000. As with all cities, there are interesting as well as annoying things one should consider before making the choice to move here permanently. With brainstorming efforts of myself and some long time La Verne natives, the following list was composed.

Letters to the Editor

A correction is needed in your news story, "ULV professors granted tenure" [May 2].

Administration chooses censorship

Ever been to Claremont? The shady trees, the old historic houses and the narrow streets stand proud, nestled into a little corner below Foothill Boulevard and between the rough and rowdy cities of Montclair and Pomona.

Letters to the Editor

The intent of this letter is not to influence Raechel Fittante ["Greek loyalty misdirected," April 25] or Todd Buck ["Letter to the Editor," April 25]. It is to address the issues presented regarding the Greek community in their column and letter to the editor, respectively.

Greek loyalty misdirected

I have never been a follower. For that I guess I can blame, or thank my parents. I was always taught to be a strong individual and not one to run with the crowd. So with that ethic in mind, ever since I was a freshman at this school and some friends of mine began pledging sororities and fraternities, I retreated to my own side of the unbeaten trail and stayed true to my own beliefs.

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