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Exhibition highlights ‘hard-edged’ artist

The Benton Museum of Art at Pomona College is showing the work of June Harwood, a pivotal addition to the Los Angeles Hard-Edge movement of abstract art. Harwood’s early works in the 1960s Sliver series earned her a place as a key figure in this movement signified by paintings of intense color and geometric abstraction. 

Artist paints a picture of Introspection

Artist Kameelah Janan Rasheed returned to Pomona College after graduating in 2006 with “Worshiping at the Altar of Certainty: 1985,” a site-specific exhibition that is featured in the Benton Museum of Art.

Hiroshima exhibit explores the reality of the bombing

Four artists from Hiroshima are exploring the cultural, political, and social impacts of the United States’ bombings of Hirsohima and Nagaski during World War II in the exhibition “Each Day Begins with the Sun Rising” through installations, drawings, paintings and video in the Benton Museum of Art at Pomona College.

Political landscapes fill walls at Art After Hours

The Pomona College Museum of Art provided a chance to view the scenes behind the “Stories: Selections from the Permanent Collection” exhibit, led by junior Pomona College student and co-curator Daphnide McDermet.

Winer revisits ’70s conceptual, post-minimal art

“Helene Winer at Pomona,” the second installation of the year-long “It Happened in Pomona” exhibit focuses on Winer’s cutting edge curatorial programs that she presented as gallery director and curator at the Pomona College Museum of Art from the fall of 1970 through the spring of 1972.

Series 41 inspired by daily life

Artist Ginny Bishton, whose work is currently featured at Pomona College Museum of Art in Project Series 41, has created an exhibit inspired by none other than her daily life.

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