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Christmas comes sooner and sooner

Through an informal survey asking University of La Verne students whether they think Christmas is celebrated too early, 18 out of 20 said they would like to have more of a nip in the air before ringing in the season. 

Black Friday features more deals, fewer shoppers

Another year of Black Friday deals is behind us and while some waited until Monday to acquire the Cyber Monday sales, there are still those who embrace the waiting lines. 

Cosmo is not the problem

Walmart will soon stop placing Cosmopolitan Magazine at its checkout stands.

Future of shopping is online

With Max Azaria’s BCBG to be yet another consumer outlet to move entirely online, it is impossible to ignore the ever-growing trends of shopping in the online world. As major clothing companies begin to transition the way music, movies and books have, we can expect more stores to follow suit. While this hurts the job market, consumer pressure on retailers for convenience makes it impossible for stores to stay open with the increased online demand.

Black Friday deals do not entice the majority

Americans and university students may have finally had enough of the Black Friday chaos this year.

Service workers deserve respect

An 11-minute video of a Wisconsin woman ranting about poor service at an Appleton Bath and Body Works took the internet by storm in early October.

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