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Minority enrollment addressed in ASULV meeting

University of La Verne administration and a member of the student population disagreed on the efficacy of enrollment and retention rates in relation to ethnicity at the University during a recent ASULV meeting.

New organization to fund black student clubs

Oshun is a goddess of the Yoruba people in southwestern Nigeria; she is the goddess of love, fertility and protection. She stands for opportunity, spirit, harmony, unity and negotiation.

‘True tuition’ may help retention

The University of La Verne has had trouble recently retaining students from freshman through senior years. There are undoubtedly many reasons for this retention problem. However, the fact that tuition increases by between roughly 4 percent and 6 percent almost every year in recent memory – or more than twice the rate of inflation – is most likely one of the main reasons.

Lieberman tackles Trump concerns; University to be DACA sanctuary

President Devorah Lieberman addressed concerns about president-elect Donald Trump and how his presidency may affect students here during the State of the University address Monday in the Campus Center Ballroom.

Low-income students find help at ULV

A March Department of Education report highlighted the University of La Verne as an exemplary school for low-income students. ULV joins other private institutions such as Converse College in South Carolina, Agnes Scott College in Georgia and the Sage Colleges in New York as private institutions that have more than 40 percent Pell Grant recipients, with half of those recipients graduating in less than six years.

Admins must notify students, too

With the end of the semester approaching and registration taking place, chaos is commonplace. However, a registration restriction caused an unusual commotion for upperclass students Nov. 23, the first day of registration.

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