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Professor leaves historic legacy

Dr. Steve Sayles, University of La Verne professor emeritus of history, died on Sept. 1 following a series of heart issues. He was 73.

California law moves up primary election date

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Sept. 27 that will move the primary elections from June to March in an attempt to claim more attention from presidential candidates.

Bill calls for single-payer insurance

The California Legislature is considering a single payer health care bill that could decrease costs for state residents.

New state laws set to take effect

Twelve propositions that passed on California’s ballot for 2016 included legislation on education, plastic bags, marijuana, tobacco, criminal justice and taxation.

Panel makes presidential policies approachable

Three professors analyzed the presidential candidates’ policy platforms at the Hot Spots lecture Wednesday in the President’s Dining Room.

Most at La Verne favor recreational marijuana

With the elections only a couple of weeks away on Nov. 8, California citizens will have the chance to vote whether or not recreational marijuana should be legalized in the state.

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