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Entertainment Briefs

Campus and community arts events for the week of Oct. 19, 2001.

Movie Review: ‘Bagger Vance’ not swinging

The previews tend to bring out the best lines in this movie. As always, they are the lines that drag you into a theater, but leave you wanting more witty lines. Needless to say, after watching "The Legend of Bagger Vance," I left the theater a little unsatisfied.

Oscar race ‘Almost’ started

It is the end of September and still nearly seven months before every star bedazzles their dress, highlights their hair and hooks with the newest "hottie," but already in the Hollywood industry people and moviegoers are predicting and handicapping their best guesses for the 2000 Academy Awards Ceremony.

No fairy tales in recent Hollywood movies

Movies are trendy, and because the movie industry goes through phases, movies that have been released in the past few months have started a new Hollywood genre of entertainment.

Movie Review: ‘The Horse Whisperer’ far cry from book

"The Horse Whisperer" is a story of love -- love between a girl and her horse, love between a man and woman, love within a family -- and the trials and tribulations one faces when deciding which love pulls at the heart the most.

Series present political topics

As the 1996 presidential election approaches, the University of La Verne is doing its part to fulfill political awareness on a local level.

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