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California is first state to call ‘stealthing’ a crime

California has become the first state to outlaw non-consensual condom removal during sex.

California leads the nation with stealthing legislation

California became the first state in the union to make stealthing, the nonconsensual removal of a condom during sex, illegal on Oct. 8. It was approved by the California State Legislature without opposition.

ULV sorority helps students learn about safe sex

Iota Delta sorority invited John Bartelt, professor of education technology, and Linda Bartelt, senior adjunct professor of education, to learn and discuss safe sex through a lecture and Kahoot games at its Latex or No Sex event held online on April 14.

No glove, no love

Jeffrey Chun, junior business administration major; Margaux San Nicolas, junior international business and language major and Isabelle Cheng, senior educational studies major, present their honors senior project on safe sex May 11 in the President’s Dining Room.

Letters to the Editor

In response to the May 14 Faculty Assembly resolution that affirmed a Faculty Hiring Plan that endorses race-based hiring, I would like to express my reassurance that this resolution is non-binding and that it is not and will not be University policy.

Letters to the Editor

I’m writing to let you know what I think about the layout of the front page of the May 1 Campus Times.

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