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Electronic privacy is vital

It would be outrageous if a federal law enforcement agency asked a lock maker to create a master key that would open the locks to millions of homes, and give that key to the agency.

Region honors San Bernardino shooting victims

Multiple candlelight vigils were held across Southern California Monday, giving citizens the opportunity to pay tribute to the lives lost at the Inland Regional Center during a terror attack Dec. 2.

Alumnus is first on scene at San Bernardino shooting

He sleeps with a police scanner next to his bed running 24/7, he keeps clothes laid out so he can hop into them and run out the door to cover something he heard on the police scanner at 3 a.m. La Verne alumnus Alex Vasquez started out reporting in Palm Springs after he graduated in 2005 and worked his way up to working for NBC 4 News, where he has been reporting as a photojournalist for the past nine years.

The University takes initiative

With what feels like every day bringing news of another shooting in a constant string of reminders that there is no sign of the senselessness stopping any time soon—and with last week’s San Bernardino shooting feeling a little too close to home, it only makes sense that some kind of precautionary measures be implemented at ULV.

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