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‘Little Shop’ parallels today’s society

The story of "Little Shop of Horrors" takes place in a flower shop on Skid Row in which a floral assistant, Seymour, discovers a singing plant, and then falls in love with his assistant Audrey. The plant's growing desire for food, or human blood, is the main theme of the musical, and its desire continues to increase throughout the play.

Greeks recruit new ULV students

During the past two weeks, new students had the opportunity to participate in rush week, a time when they can explore and possibly join a fraternity or sorority on the University of La Verne campus.

Orientation week offers insight into university

The new students of the University of La Verne gathered August 28 in front of the Rock to participate in the 2001 "New Student Orientation," an introduction to college life that lasted through Sept. 2.

‘Dido and Aeneas’ showcases at ULV

Seats in Founders Auditorium filled quickly on Wednesday, May 2, as people flocked to see the University of La Verne's chamber singers perform "Dido and Aeneas," an opera by Henry Purcell.

Commuter Carnival draws crowd

In honor of all the commuters on campus, the University of La Verne presented games, food, and prizes on Tuesday.

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