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LVPD concealed carry weapon applications cause a divide

The city of La Verne's recently announced concealed weapons permit policy has drawn a threat of legal action over the cost of the permits.

La Verne community honors Sela Hem at vigil

La Verne community members gathered Wednesday night in Mainiero Square for a vigil to remember Sela Hem, known and well-loved as the “Miss Donuts employee,” who died in a traffic accident Nov. 17.

Uniform inspection

La Verne Police Chief Scott Pickwith walks down the line inspecting his officers’ uniform requirements Tuesday morning.

Community News: LV residents participate in 22nd Citizen’s Academy class

The La Verne Police Department is sponsoring a 10-week educational program that offers community members unique insight into life on the police force.

City imposes stricter parking regulations

The city of La Verne placed “no parking” signs Monday on all residential streets within a three-block radius of the University of La Verne. They will stay for the remainder of the fall semester and reappear at the start of spring semester.

Lecture warns of MySpace dangers

Megan Kanka was a 7-year-old girl from New Jersey. Unknown to her and her family, a known child molester moved in across the street. The man was eventually responsible for the rape and murder of little Megan.

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