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Student assaulted with racial slurs

The last thing freshman Angela Perry expected from college was a sense of fear. But when the University of La Verne student was confronted by a stranger last Friday, her trepidation of racism became a reality.

Suspicious man initiates precautions

A safety bulletin was scheduled to be distributed today to the University of La Verne community through the mailing system after two ULV students were followed near the Oaks Residence Hall.

Suspicious man found on campus

A man, suspected by the La Verne Police Department (LVPD) to be carrying a gun, was found walking on campus last Friday night by LVPD.

Restraining orders filed against ULV students

Fearful of further assaults against her client and dissatisfied with action taken by the University of La Verne, junior Jamie Bigornia’s attorney Catherine Lombardo filed temporary restraining orders in Los Angeles Superior Court against freshmen Eric Britton and David Riffle on Wednesday. Bigornia has accused the two of assaulting him because of his sexual orientation.

Students involved in altercation

Police are investigating an altercation at a local bar between University of La Verne students that occurred March 29.

LV affected by local area’s gang activity

Gang activity in the La Verne area has touched the University of La Verne community. In January, a ULV student was verbally assaulted on campus by gang members.

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