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People can’t get enough Fortnite

The concept for Fortnite was first revealed in 2011, and today it is one of the most popular games with over 3 million concurrent users across various consoles.

Quirky pets enliven students’ lives

Senior speech communications major Blasina Hernandez walks around campus with a kitten named Cleo to her chest that just fits in the palms of her hands. Hernandez rescued Cleo last weekend from a heating vent in a house that her dad was doing construction on.

Texting could add 60 lbs to spine

Junior computer science major Sean Gribben said he spends about 16 hours a day playing video games.

Gamers fight cancer with livestream

The University of La Verne Gamers Guild hosted a 24-hour livestream to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network from noon Saturday to Sunday.

Students gear up for U.S. presidential election

Presidential campaigns are well under way, and even at a liberal arts college such as University of La Verne, students’ opinions of the candidates vary greatly.

Gamers Guild hosts Fight Night tournament

Playing video games may be a solo activity for some, but according to the members of the La Verne Gamers Guild, competing with each other creates community.

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