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Biden’s gun reforms are needed steps to safety

It is no secret the United States of America has a long and messy history of gun violence filled with tragedies that could cause one to become numb toward the issue.

Letter to the Editor

In this age of ultra-divisive politics, gun rights has become an issue which evokes an emotional response (“Students support Second Amendment Rights,” Oct. 7).

Students support Second Amendment rights

In an informal gun control survey of 13 students at the University of La Verne, 11 students strongly believed in the Second Amendment right while two believed there should be stricter regulations.

Letter to the Editor

Thank you for stating your opinion on the gun control issue, however I am shocked on your stance of the Second Amendment and would like to provide a different opinion.

Gunmakers may get immunity

The Bush administration will need some real target practice in public safety if firearms dealers, manufacturers and other Second Amendment loving Americans get their way and a new immunity bill is passed that would further thwart gun control.

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