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Commentary: The goodbyes may be virtual but the meaning is still the same

There was one thing that I looked forward to as my last semester at the University of La Verne had approached.

Graduating seniors face daunting job market

As unemployment has surged to historic levels during the past month, seniors graduating from the University of La Verne – with college seniors across the country –  are looking to a scary job market. 

Commentary: Cherished memories outweigh disappointment

There is a running list of emotions graduating seniors feel at the beginning of their last year, from anxiousness about starting a new life chapter to the excitement about finally being able to hold our degree in our hands. 

Graduation not answer to rest of life

When you were a kid the big question was, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Which translated into, "What is your dream?"

Nobody said growing up was easy

Today is the last day of school. For seniors, this is possibly the last day of school ever, unless they are going on to graduate school. For juniors this is where the panic begins: will they graduate on time, will all requirements be fulfilled? For sophomores, this is a time to rejoice-they are half way there. And for freshmen, they have survived the first year: the adjustments, the growing up, the making of new college friends and the loss of old high school ones.

Seniors prepare for commencement

Graduating seniors at the University of La Verne will celebrate their academic achievement at the Commencement ceremonies on Sunday, May 25.

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