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Nachos, styrofoam, Earth Day

La Verne’s community, like most others, devotes one day per year to the problems of the Earth —Earth Day. Of course, the creators of Earth Day would have undoubtedly liked to see more people think of the Earth everyday. It is important that the tradition nor be mocked in its observance.

Clothesline Project returns

Airing society’s dirty laundry, Iota Delta Sorority sponsored the Clothesline Project last week.

Project airs abuse against women

Clotheslines, once widely used by housewives to hang out family laundry to dry in the sunshine, now symbolize “the airing of society’s dirty laundry” and violence against women in the National Clothesline Project.

Fraternities, sororities open doors during Rush

With the new “deferred rush” provision now in effect, all six respective fraternities and sororities opened their doors to prospective members during Rush Week.

Iota Delta conceived from small idea; members strengthen friendships

The memory is still fresh: four girls were at a party, talking about the possibility of a new sorority on cam­pus. It didn't sound too farfetched at the time. Jokes about a name, a mascot and colors turned into a serious discussion. Once surfaced, the idea never died.

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