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ULV commuters reduce pollution

There are countless reasons to seek alternative forms of transportation at the University of La Verne: high gas prices, limited campus parking and stress that accumulates on highways shared by unsafe drivers.

Blazes raise air quality concerns

As strong winds blow the smoke from the raging wildfires across Southern California, no area in the Southland is free of the potential health hazards associated with breathing such heavy smoke and and ash.

L.A. air fails yet again

The air today seems less brown then it did nearly 10 years ago.

Carpooling offers perks for staff, environment

The Rideshare Program helps to decrease emissions in the air by encouraging employees to find alternative ways to commute to work.

Parking policy changes surprise ULV community

Many students and faculty first learned of recent changes in La Verne parking when they received tickets during the first days back from summer break.

Parking committee formed

Finding parking is a constant headache at the University of La Verne. To ease congestion, University officials recently formed a 10 person parking committee, including city and University representatives, to discuss the parking problems and to find a solution.

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