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Master Plan shouldn’t pave over green spaces

La Verne is working to move into the future with its master plan, which looks to add new facilities, including academic buildings, residence halls and parking lots, to its main campus. However, with all of this planned construction comes unfortunate demolition.

Students feel the force at Jedi training

Nick Solomon, junior athletic training major, and Richard Zepeda, sophomore anthropology major, blow off some steam at the CAB Jedi Training Day in the South Quad April 6.

Halloweek brings obstacle course

Jumping for their lives, freshman Stephan Friedland and Lanell Whitfield race each other in an obstacle course Monday at the South Quad behind the Campus Center.

On the Calendar

Campus events for the week of May 8, 2015.

Teams launch way to win in Frisbee

The Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternities formed five teams to battle it out in ultimate Frisbee intramurals Monday in the South Quad.

Get Active puts students to work

Students hula hooped, threw Frisbees and played tug of war at the lawn Wednesday outside the Campus Center in the South Quard for the Get Active event.

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