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Palestinian debaters discuss teenage activist

Two ULV student debaters and two special guests from Palestine debated the actions of Ahed Tamimi, a teenage girl who rose to international prominence in 2017 after she was captured on a Facebook video kicking, punching and shoving a heavily armed Israeli soldier who was trying to enter her family home in West Bank, Palestine.

Allison brings law to classroom

Thomas Allison, assistant debate coach and mock trial head coach, juggles his job as an attorney for the law offices of Allison and Jones and teaching at the University of the La Verne

Marijuana legalization sparks conversation

Matthew Schaupp, senior speech communication major, discusses the issue of legalizing marijuana while senior philosophy major Meaghan McHenry, freshman political science major Fares Abdullah and Director of Forensics Rob Ruiz await their turns to give their Constitution Day speeches Sept. 16 in the Johnson Family Plaza.

Lising blends drive, people skills as new associate dean

Ian Lising, assistant professor of speech and debate, is excited for his new chapter at the University as the new associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, after being appointed by Dean Lawrence Potter in December.

Alumna devotes life to education

Kristine Butterly, adjunct professor of speech communication, graduated from La Verne in 2010 and is back four years later to follow her passion for education. At the age of 25, Butterly uses her age to relate to students.

‘Every Mind Matters’ in the media

The perceptions of mental illnesses from the media and society were discussed at “Every Mind Matters: Changing Media Treatment of Mental Illness” April 24.

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