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Commentary: Orange is the new bike

The University of La Verne has introduced a new bikeshare program, Spin, to the main campus to support healthy living and exploration of the city. It is one of the best things to come to campus in a long time.

Bike share program Spins to ULV

One hundred fifty bright orange solar powered Spin bicycles arrived on campus April 5 in front of Miller Hall. As part of a new bike sharing program at La Verne, the wheels are available to students for 50 cents every half hour or $14 per month with unlimited use.  Spin, founded in San Francisco in 2016, offers an affordable and environmentally-friendly form of personal mobility. Each bike is equipped with solar powered lights and foam wheels to mitigate maintenance issues.  Lisa Grater, transportation services manager, introduced this program to La Verne and said she wants everyone on campus to take ownership of the program to encourage its success.

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