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AIDS Day promotes awareness

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, better known as AIDS, is the awful disease that only drug addicts, homosexuals and sex-crazed disturbed individuals contract, right?

ASF dance results in success

A charity Dance-A-Thon was held Friday night in collaboration with Spotlight Weekend, sponsored by the University of La Verne's Associated Students Federation (ASF) Forum.

Students must face consequences of sex

After hours of contemplating what opinionated issue to address this week, one very important, inevitable subject comes to mind – sex!

HIV rate increases among students

Chris immediately saw Janice at the bar ordering a drink. The two started talking, then dancing, and, as the night progressed, they were no longer dancing like strangers. Chris asked Janice to go home with him, she took him up on his offer. Little did they know that a one-night stand would cost them more than they were willing to give.

University community confronts sexual issues: Bookshoppe raises AIDS A-wear-ness

A flag, a heart and a cross are simple symbols, but when placed in conjunction with a red ribbon, they take on a whole new meaning.

University community confronts sexual issues: Survey reveals students’ sexual attitudes

Three million young adults contract a sexually transmitted disease each year. Prompted by these numbers, the Campus Times polled ULV students, asking them about their sexual habits.

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