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Homesick Campaign brings University community together online

A virtual campaign at the University of La Verne has begun to focus on engagement and belonging through various online events.

Freshmen face mental health issues

With freshmen year comes a copious number of new stressors that have the possibility to lead to mental health issues. The American Psychological Association found that one in three first year college students struggle with mental health issues.

Students de-stress ahead of finals

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Residential Life held a Mental Health Awareness Day so students could unwind and relax as finals approach.

ULV alumna facilitates self reflection

Shae Perkins and the Office of Housing and Residential Life held a week long series last week focused on building a healthier relationship with yourself in order to build a better relationship with those around you.

Resources exist for sexual assault victims

The University of La Verne’s annual security report was sent to all students, faculty and staff late last month – with four reported cases of rape on the main campus in 2017.

Social activists take to body art

A wave of social and political movement tattoos have cultivated a form of activism through means of body art.

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