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Letter to the Editor

The Oct. 9 “ULV’s lack of connection” editorial contained a number of inaccurate statements and misconceptions.

ULV’s lack of connection

We all, at one point or another, have accessed the Internet through the University’s network. But what if that just isn’t good enough? What if we want to access an account through an outside wireless connection? The University has made it increasingly difficult to use outside sources.

Computer theft hits Stu-Han dorm

A Stu-Han dorm room theft of two laptops, some cash and an external hard drive took place last weekend.

Renovations enhance campus look

Because of the recommendations from the Capital Projects Evaluation Committee, which rated projects according to five criteria, including those that would have a profound impact on the image and perception of students and in creating a more professional learning and teaching environment, many buildings at the University of La Verne were renovated over the summer in order to update and modernize the school.

The ups and downs of dorm life

The University of La Verne Housing and Residential Life Department sends out a letter before each school year to students who will be living on campus, with the name of their soon-to-be roommate.

Potter inspires book drive

During Harry Potter Week, the Campus Activities Board held a book drive contest in the residence halls to get students to donate books to give to charity.

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