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Letters to the Editor

Though the cacophony of complaints about everything from the cost of the meals at Davenport to the cost of Scantron forms is more or less constant on any campus, it reaches a higher level as students get closer to graduation. They complain about the cost of the ceremony and diploma processing, lack of enough tickets for their family, loans to repay.

Suicide is second in college deaths

A new school was appealing to Kathy Morrison for the first few weeks. New faces, new surroundings, new professors, a new life. All of these awaited her, and she was excited.

Private act on public screen

Last Thursday in Alexandria, La., a man shot himself in the head. Suicide happens everyday, yet it is still a taboo subject that people refrain from talking about because of its unfortunate end. However, for Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Brossard, his sudden and gory end was televised live by the local news stations. Brossard killed his wife, then shot himself, seeing suicide as the only solution.

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