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ULV receives across-the-board press awards

ULV communication students cleaned up at the California Intercollegiate Press Association contest for work produced during the 2002-2003 year. The University's newspaper, magazine, and radio and television stations all won the sweepstakes in their respective categories, making them each the most decorated publications and stations in the state in their respective categories.

Communications students earn press awards

La Verne Magazine, Campus Times and LVTV's Eye on La Verne news show were all honored for excellence in two recent national awards competitions, which followed comprehensive critiques by professional journalists and journalism educators.

Fair displays ‘reel’ science secrets

Within the expansive fairgrounds is a building that stands apart from the rest. Underneath an overly large sign that read "Lights! Camera Science!" was a wall strewn with posters depicting movie trailers from yesteryears to the present. As if one of the characters had actually come to life, a smiling, Marilyn Monroe waved to an astonished crowd.

New leaders selected for fall semester

As University of La Verne students gear up to return to school in late August, journalism professors Elizabeth Zwerling, George Keeler and radio professor Mike Laponis will be meeting with three new leaders for the Campus Times, La Verne Magazine and KULV, respectively, to plan out the fall semester.

New editors are selected for spring

When the spring 2002 semester starts at the University of La Verne, new leaders will step up to the plate in the Communications Department.

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