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Campus Center gets mixed reviews

Six months after the University of La Verne’s Campus Center opened its doors, opinions remain mixed about whether it has lived up to its expectations.

Leo’s Spot gives students healthy diet option

The grand opening of the Leo’s Spot coffee shop is in a few weeks, but the store is already open for business.

ULV’s makeover misses steps

While we are open to plans for campus expansion, we also value how accessible everything currently is. In just one building students have access to grabbing a bite to eat at the Spot, checking their mailboxes, breaking a sweat at the workout facility and visiting club offices. But starting in March, the Supertents will undergo renovation.

Fast food fills students’ stomachs

It is a late Wednesday night. Your night class just ended at 10 p.m. and your stomach is still growling, just like it was throughout Professor so-and-so’s lecture. You have a choice set before you.

Letters to the Editor

It was unfortunate news yesterday morning to hear that Ernie Granillo had passed away over the weekend.

Give us choices, Sodexho

Since the start of the year, Sodexho has promoted its new and improved dining selctions, or so the banner reads inside Davenport Dining Hall. But what exactly are the new improvements?

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